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The Bouchie Lake Hall & Recreation Grounds is owned by the Cariboo Regional District and managed by the Bouchie Lake Recreation Commission (BLRC). The BLRC is governed by the Cariboo Regional District (CRD) Bylaw No. 4918 and is comprised of volunteer commissioners. Commissioners are appointed by the CRD Board of Directors on recommendation of the CRD Director for Electoral Area B. The BLRC is established by the CRD under the Local Government Act. The BLRC is not a not-for-profit society; rather it operates as an extension of the CRD.

The purpose of the Bouchie Lake Recreation Commission.

The purpose of the BLRC is to manage, maintain the following land and buildings:

  • The Bouchie Lake Community Hall and Grounds 
  • The Claymine Property The Bouchie Lake Pioneer Park

The following information is approximate excerpts from the Cariboo Regional District Bouchie Lake Recreation Commission Bylaw No. 4918, 2014. SCHEDULE A: The CRD approves the BLRC or adequately-insured third parties, to use the properties for the following activities “general community use, including but not limited to dinners, dances and other social gatherings and drop-in activities”.

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The CRD also approves the following activities to be delivered at the above properties only by adequately-insured third parties: “i) organized sporting leagues and tournaments, such as volleyball, softball, ice-sports, ii) organized equestrian events, iii) licensed social events at which alcohol may be served & iiii) licensed daycare operation.

All activities to be delivered on the properties must be adequately insured third parties- Insurance can be bought through independent Insurance brokers or bought through the CRD.

The BLRC works with community based groups so that they may use the hall for community recreation programs and events.

Partial funding for approved management, operation and capital costs of the properties is provided through the North Cariboo Recreation and Parks Service Function of the CRD.

The funding arrangement between the BLRC and the CRD is not intended to cover “the full cost of operating, maintaining and improving the Property. The Commission is encouraged to seek other sources of funds by way of donations, fundraising or facility rentals to ensure that existing levels of service are maintained”. For additional information about the BLRC, or to learn how to become a volunteer commissioner, please contact the BLRC or the Electoral Area ‘B’ Director.

To inquire about rentals rates and events at the Bouchie Lake Hall please contact the Facility Manager at the Bouchie Lake Hall office- Open 10am – 3pm Monday and Thursday, 11am– 5pm Tuesday. Closed Wednesday & Friday.

Telephone 250 249 5508



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